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I am the first creature of disgrace
Who will birth thousands in my time
And separate into our own divinity .

The imaginary words of salvation
Hurl me into the dark corner
Where I starved my mind of air
Only breaths of regurgitating gas.

The desire to be accepted
The acceptance of delusion
The incisions that slowly wilt
The head.

I can hear the rats in the walls, coming through the floorboards beneath my feet
My appearance changes; face, limbs, ornate extremities
Contortionists in puddles of bile, covered in pubic wool.

Destroy the appearance of sacrificial embrace…
And then. I went. Outside.

My plague hangs down
Like the guillotine moon
Over the lake where dead sink
After they burn.

Oh sister night, my brothers they wait for me
The head of decay
The history
A waste.

The time of forgotten entities
I’m not.

The house of dead ducks
The stench of purgatory for lunch
The black lake, my place
Of invincibility

Pour bleach in my eyes
And white out the darkest sight we’ve ever seen
Gleam my future populous
As the richest land.

I am the witch collapsing
I am you…..asphyxiated
I believe in the hands that tear apart the lives of false exaltation
And lust for the drone of tumorous noise
Constricting the thoughts
Now hands tear open my flesh
My face as fake as yours

"Into A Dark Equator"