Ian Larson


Painted presentations of visceral bacchanalia, hillbilly witchcraft and degenerate portraiture.

The works are glimpses into narratives, with a focus on the human figure, centered around characters belonging to their own social contexts, where fictitious chaos meets blatant references, satirical violence and humor while acting upon their animal (often maniacal and sexual) nature with exploited and often tragic exiguity.


Born: Oceanside, CA

MFA-2007 Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK
BFA-2004 University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL USA

Selected solo and two-person exhibitions:

2015 FTW- Ian Larson and Connie DK Lane, Eastside International,
Los Angeles, CA

Selected group exhibitions:

2016 University of Central Florida Alumni Show, Orlando, FL

2015 New American Pain, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Django, Galerie Franz Pedersen, Horsens, Denmark

2014 Extravaganza, Phantom Projects Contemporary, rue de la
Mannaie, France

2013 Anthology, Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK

2012 Friday the 13th, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


2010 Solyst Artist in Residence Centre/ Jyderup, Denmark

2009 Raid Projects/ Los Angeles, CA

2007-2008 Bloomberg New Contemporaries/ Walsall, London,
Manchester, UK